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Groupes de travail en cours

Crypto assets : evaluation target : Smart Contracts

Blockchain, Vulnerabilité, CSPN, Smart contracts

Evaluation target for smart contracts executed by the EVM.

GT Detection in the Cloud - Overview of solutions


Overview of cloud-based detection solutions

WG Agile Cybersecurity: Security Champions & SME

Identify the benefits for organisations of having Security Champions and Subject Matter Experts

AI and cybersecurity

Analyze the areas of cybersecurity where Artificial Intelligence can make a difference

Cyber crisis and training: doctrine

Doctrine and method for cyber resilience and cyber crisis management.


Identify and implement innovative ways of raising awareness about cyber security



Training Cycle 2 : synthesis

Formation, Reconversion, Diffusion

The Training WG aims to propose actions to make training offers visible and thus supply the sector with new recruits at the right skill level.


Cyber Horizon 2030

Anticipation, 2030, Ultra-scénario

Draw a picture of the near future, identifying the priorities and future challenges facing our sector, and extrapolating the trends observed today.

Illu vuln.png

White paper - Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilité, Patch management, Zeroday, Remediation

This White Paper is a guide to the proper management of vulnerabilities in an IT system, from detection to remediation, right through to the feedback phase.


Post-quantum cryptography - Awareness

The PQC workgroup produced a booklet to raise awareness about the urgency of implementing transition plans in your organizations. This concise booklet can be proposed to decision-making teams to acculturate them to the inherent risks in the arrival of quantum computing.

Cti (1).jpg

CTI Information Sharing Doctrine

CTI, Doctrine

Document created by the CTI WG

DALL·E 2022-Mini-série..png

Cyber security : mini-show

Communication, Diffusion, Web-série, Éducation nationale

Synopsis proposition for the creation of a mini-serie about cyber risks sensibilisation

Communautés d'intérêt

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