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The Campus Cyber Working Groups are dedicated to the production of commons.

Commons can take the form of publications, proofs of concept, prototypes, datasets or specifications.

Following, a list of the commons produced by the working groups.

Commons produced

TitleProducerStatusCampusModification Date
Artificial Intelligence FacilitatorIA et cybersécuritéIdée9 July 2024
Artificial Intelligence Security ManagerIA et cybersécuritéIdée10 July 2024
CTI Information Sharing DoctrineGT CTI - DoctrineProduction21 December 2023
Crypto-assets attack catalogGT Crypto-actif : Catalogue d'attaquesProduction14 November 2023
Cyber Horizon 2030AnticipationProduction14 November 2023
Cyber security : mini-showGT Formation : Mini-série CybersécuritéIdée14 November 2023
Cyber-Augmented Communication PlanSensibilisationProduction11 January 2024
Post-quantum cryptography - AwarenessGT PQC - SensibilisationProduction22 March 2024
Skills matrix for related professionsGT Formation : Matrice des compétences métiers connexesProduction9 July 2024
Skills matrix for technical professionsGT Formation : Matrice des compétences métiers techniques cyberProduction9 July 2024
Training Cycle 2 : synthesisGT Formation : Synthèse Formation Cycle2Production14 November 2023
White paper - Vulnerability ManagementGestion des vulnérabilitésProduction22 March 2024

Status Explanation

"The TRL scale (technology readiness level) is a measurement system used to assess the level of maturity of a technology (hardware, components, peripherals, etc.), noticeably to finance research and development or integrate this technology into an operational system or subsystem."

A simplified TRL scale is available on this wiki.

Source : Wikipedia