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This page is a translated version of the page Studio Récap' - Février and the translation is 100% complete.

Overview of the CI and WG's work, as well as the current Studio's projetcs, february 2024

Category: Blogpost Published: février 2024


Launch of the Innovation Challenge in partnership with Banque de France. Applications open until March 6. Toutes les informations et inscriptions.

Launch of the pentest on blockhain nodes.

Drones and robots

Launch of the first 4 working groups:

  • Swarm authentication,
  • State of the art in cyber,
  • Anticipating new skills,
  • Identifying friend-or-foe drones

4 new members join the Community of Interest from Campus Nouvelle Aquitaine

Detection and monitoring in mass connected mobility

Agreement in principle of two new members via the Pass Studio: STMicrElectronics and Etas (Bosh)

Review of the first topic: Software Design Vehicle.


Recruitment launched for 10 organisations to help implement the methodology for assessing and reducing carbon emissions from cybersecurity, with the support of ADEME - see article

Begining of the C4T's website production.


3 new challenges under production, available in a few weeks.

Kick-off of the CL&E Project (Online citizenship and education) : creation of challenge scenarios by secondary school studentson the theme of online citizenship.

A project run in conjunction with the DILCRAH, the DITP, the DINUM, the Ministry of Education, the Académie de Versailles and the CNIL.


3 new use cases under production.

CI IA et Cybersécurité

  • Resumption of monthly community meetings on AI topics of cyber interest.
  • Launch of discussions on the state of the art of LLMs for cybersecurity and AI Act self-assessment.

CI Detection in a Cloud environnement

Launch of the community of interest. Identification of topics of interest:

  • mapping of cloud risks
  • definition of relevant detection rules
  • Radar tech solutions to aid detection in the cloud
  • Best practice in data collection architecture
  • training and skills of Cloud analysts

Working groups set up to launch work in March.


Resumption of work on assessing a company's crypto-agility/maturity. Questions around the Awareness stream (what dissemination is desired) and Test & advice on the implementation of hybrid solutions.


The Studio des Communs event is back for its second edition on 24 June, so save the date!