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Propose actions to make training opportunities more visible and supply the industry with new recruits at the right skill level.

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The WG represents a wide range of French cybersecurity players: academics, institutions, manufacturers, consultancies and associations.

This WG is examining the following topics:

  • Promoting and facilitating access to the cyber professions
  • Encouraging vocations and feminization

Valuing and facilitating access to cyber professions

For the "Promoting and facilitating access to cyber professions" project, the working group has produced an analysis document listing a series of actions to address the following issues:

  • Develop awareness of cybersecurity
  • facilitate access to training
  • Accelerate retraining

The entire production is summarized in the Cycle 2 summary document.

Based on this summary, the WG worked on drafting the specifications for a portal dedicated to cyber training. All the specifications are available in the analysis document.

To finalize Cycle 2, the WG worked on a skills matrix based on the panorama of professions produced by ANSSI. The WG wanted to develop a tool for the ecosystem that could become a common basis for exchanging information on the skills and levels required to enter a technical profession in Cybersecurity.

To finalize Cycle 3, the WG worked on a skills matrix for related cybersecurity professions. This skills matrix completes the first one, and provides an overview of non-technical professions. The skills matrix for related professions should be available in early 2023.

These two matrices are intended for training organizations to help them develop their training programs, and for human resources to complete their skills grids and recruitment processes. These two matrices are tools to increase continuity between initial training, continuing education and career management in or towards the cybersecurity field.

The WG also worked on the production of poster campaigns to raise awareness of cyber professions, aimed at two target groups:

  • secondary schools, with a view to inspiring vocations and promoting cyber professions
  • higher education, with inspiring portraits of cyber professionals.

Spark vocations and feminize

For the "Encouraging vocations and feminization" project, the group chose to explore two proposals from the synthesis.

Mini series: The working group drafted and produced two script synopses aimed at the target audience of 12-19 year-olds and their teachers.

Training WG logbook

Le 01/06/2023, le GT Formation has proposed dates in mid-November for an event in partnership with the Association nationale des DRH, and is proposing a schedule to explain the different needs in cyber skills, the specificities of cyber training and with testimonials and feedback from cyber professionals. On May 25, 2023, the Training WG worked on the valorization of the matrix on a national and European scale, in particular on the complementarity of the skills matrix with other work carried out on a European scale. The question of leveraging on a national scale, beyond the cyber ecosystem, was also discussed.

On 20/04/2023, the Training WG decided to set up a new rhythm between now and the summer, with one plenary session a month to take stock of the various projects and partner presentations. Three teams will be specifically dedicated to the following topics: 1. setting up an event for the HR target group, 2. reflection on the promotion and dissemination of the skills matrix, 3. the question of trajectories: how to move from one job to another in the skills matrix.

On 13/04/2023, the Training WG had a presentation from the state-owned start-up Diagoriente, which has integrated the skills matrix for cyber professions into its database. The trades in the matrix, along with their associated skills and weightings, are now accessible via all services using this platform. The related skills matrix will be integrated as soon as it has been validated.

The future rhythm of WG meetings will be on the agenda for the April 20 session.

On 30/03/2023, the Training WG shared feedback from the Talents event held on March 22.

It took the following decisions: to put the matrix of related skills online as soon as it has been validated by ANSSI, as well as the slides presenting the matrix on March 22.

It should be noted that WG members have shared all possible resources for the Tomorrow's Cyber Specialist campaign landing page, and that the campaign posters are still under embargo, pending the official launch.

On 02/03/2023, the Training WG worked on :

  • The schedule for the event on March 22 from 9:30 to 11 a.m., with a presentation of the skills matrix and the poster campaign.
  • Elements for the landing page as part of the poster campaign, aimed at target audiences (students, educational staff, parents).

He made the decisions to:

  • Validate and upload the related skills matrix before the event Training

Please note that the March 22 conference will be held in a hybrid format (face-to-face at the Campus Cyber Forum and by distance learning).

On 02/02/2023, the Training WG worked on:'

  • The agenda for upcoming events to promote the deliverables of the Training WG: poster campaign and release of the skills matrix.

He made the decisions of :

  • Put the finalized matrix online on the wiki
  • Finalize the matrix in English and validate the matrix for related professions.
  • Expand distribution channels for the campaign

Please note that the Cyber Gourmand on February 16 from 2 to 3 pm at the Foodcourt will be dedicated to the GT and the Training community of interest: presentation of the skills matrices and the poster campaign.

On 19/01/2023, the Training WG worked on :

  • Enhancement of the cyber skills matrix: organization of output, communication, dissemination, etc.
  • Translation of the skills matrix into English
  • Preamble to the skills matrix for related professions

He made the decisions of :

  • Create a sub-working group to finalize the translation of the matrix
  • Prepare the output of the matrix
  • revise and create a preamble for the related skills matrix
  • Examine the possibilities for international use of the skills matrix.

On 12/01/2023, the Training WG worked on :

  • Poster campaigns for secondary schools and higher education
  • Promotion of the skills matrix
  • Agenda for upcoming sessions

He made the decisions of :

  • Implement the revision and create a preamble for the related skills matrix
  • Investigate ways of promoting the skills matrix internationally

The subject of the frequency of Training WG sessions has come up. A move to a fortnightly meeting will be discussed in the light of current events between now and mid-February.

Working Groups

Competency Framework for Cybersecurity professionsTerminéCompetency Framework for Cybersecurity professions
Training WG - Spreading the skills matrixEn coursPromote the work carried out on skills matrices for cybersecurity professions.
WG Training: Cybersecurity mini-seriesTerminéProposed synopsis for a mini-series to raise awareness of cyber risks
WG Training: Cycle 2 Training SummaryTerminéPropose initiatives to make training opportunities more visible, so as to supply the industry with new recruits with the right level of skills.
WG Training: Skills matrix for related professionsTerminéThe matrix is a synthetic frame of reference for identifying skills and their levels for access to a profession.
WG Training: Skills matrix for technical professionsTerminéThe matrix is a synthetic frame of reference for identifying skills and their levels for access to a profession.