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Highlighting the capabilities of the ecosystem, taking on board the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals and developing appropriate responses for a responsible and ethical digital economy.

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The aim of the working group is to facilitate the integration of sustainable development principles into the French cybersecurity sector and to develop the Cyber Campus' actions in this area.

The three spheres of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic) will be covered by the approach. By putting these principles into practice, we aim to develop the positive impact of cyber for future generations, increase the attractiveness and develop the soft power and influence of French cyber security.

In particular, we believe that cybersecurity is essential for developing the minimum social base (inspired by the donut economy) in the areas of access to energy, health, education, social equity, justice, democracy, digital technology, water and sovereignty.


Using a core team to orchestrate the various workshops, we want to carry out a study of the materiality of the cyber sector in order to identify the scope of action of the cyber sector in terms of sustainable development.

Following the study, we will put in place a catalogue of operational actions for cyber players and develop a roadmap for the Campus Cyber.


  • Catalogue of key actions for a committed cyber environment v1 (restricted scope)
  • Ecosystem materiality study
  • Catalogue of key actions for an engaged cyber sector
  • Cyber Campus roadmap

WG Logbook of the Cyber4Tomorrow

On 06/09/2023, the Cyber4Tomorrow WG worked on :

  • The visibility of Cyber4Tomorrow
  • The possibility of using the marketing resources of Campus Cyber, Capgemini and TSS to create the catalogue and website.

It decided to

  • To organise an Insider event to present Cyber4Tomorrow
  • Evaluate the possibility of creating a dedicated page in the wiki
  • Test the Cyber mural

The subjects of a rapprochement with cyber-maliciousness to use the #CyberResponsible were raised.

It should be noted that the Campus Cyber could open a budget line to finance an initial website dedicated to Cyber4Tomorrow.

On 07/06/2023, the Cyber4Tomorrow WG worked on :

  • The cybertalents pillar
  • The creation and communication of action sheets

It decided to:

  • To produce a dozen action sheets
  • Create a landing page
  • to carry out a crash test of the action sheets produced
  • Appoint people to review the action sheets

The subjects of writing an editorial and talking to France Relance were discussed.

It should be noted that the Cyber4Tomorrow working group's project will be presented to a delegation from Finland.

On 24/05/2023, the WG Cyber4Tomorrow worked on :

  • Review of catalogue actions
  • The cybersustainability and cybercitizenship pillar
  • Action sheets

It took the following decisions:

  • To appoint referents for the various themes in the action sheets.
  • To clearly indicate on the action sheets the skills required and those developed by the action.
  • Remove the blockchain topic from the first version of the catalogue.

The subjects of promoting the actions of the Cyber4Tomorrow working group and potentially calling on the marketing teams of the Cyber Campus ecosystem were discussed.

On 12/05/2023, the WG Cyber4Tomorrow worked on :

  • Review of catalogue actions
  • Cybercitizenship and Cybersustainability pillars completed

It took the following decisions:

  • Validation of the action sheet outline
  • Creation of a Cyber4Tomorrow website to represent the catalogue, with a filter system to simplify searches.

The topics of :

  • Calling on Campus members to develop the Cyber4Tomorrow website was discussed.
  • It should be noted that the subject of writing the declaration for the digital principles should be presented to DINUM and to the new president of the ADVENS Foundation in order to involve the ministries in its production.

In terms of support for victims of cyber attacks, it would be interesting to get in touch with ASSOVICA and similarly in terms of cyber mentoring to get in touch with the Social Builder association.

On 12/04/2023, the WG Cyber4Tomorrow worked on :

  • Redefine the qualification of actions into 4 categories (Creation, Update, Sharing, Dissemination)
  • Associate deliverables with actions

It took the following decisions:

  • Validate a project to build a CSR RM EBIOS equivalent.
  • Remove the notion of sovereignty and integrate it into the purchasing criteria section.
  • To study the application of an additional assessment to the Blockchain section.
  • Include a "cyber" or "IT" application criterion in the catalogue sheets.

The topics of collecting resources and highlighting them on the wiki were discussed, as well as the selection of resources for the landing page of the #DemainSpécialisteCyber campaign. selection of resources for the landing page of the #DemainSpécialisteCyber campaign.

Please note that the workshop to create the cards will take place on 20 April and a test of the cards on 11 May.

On 24/03/2023, the WG Cyber4Tomorrow worked on :

  • The third Cybertalents pillar

It decided to:

  • To identify the items to be included in the action sheets
  • To produce between five and six action sheets
  • Organise a crash test workshop

Topics discussed included:

  • Identifying members to speak at Tech Talks.
  • Organising five-minute Tech Pitch presentations on subjects of cyber interest to open Campus events (Campus Party).

It should be noted that the aim is to create action sheets that can be easily activated by players in the cybersecurity field.

On 02/03/2023, the WG Cyber4Tomorrow worked on :

  • The second pillar Cybercitizenship

He made the following decisions:

  • Write one editorial per pillar of around 1,500 characters.
  • Actions must be actionable by organisations and freely taken by the individuals that make them up.
  • The Cyber4Tomorrow working group will not be responding to the call for proposals for the Cyber Digital Humanism project.

Topics covered included :

  • Finding synergies with the website
  • Finding synergies with the IHEDN cyber security training course.
  • Find a time to exchange ideas and prepare future actions with Anne-Cécile Orgerie.

It should be noted that the aim would be to create action sheets and to associate each action with a timeframe for completion.

On 09/02/2023, the WG Cyber4Tomorrow worked on :

  • The Cybersustainability pillar and a review of the actions proposed in the catalogue

It decided to :

  • Add targets and levels of expertise.
  • Organise a meeting with ADEME and INRIA

The subjects of collaboration and having CNRS experts speak were raised following the meeting.

It should be noted that it is necessary to clarify the relationship between Green IT and our Cyber4Tomorrow approach, potentially in an abstract or editorial.

On 17/01/2023, the WG Cyber4Tomorrow worked on :

  • Validation of names and definition of work areas
  • Definition and collection of actions for the first catalogue

It decided :

  • To keep three areas of work
  • To develop a first version of the catalogue by the core team

The idea of setting up a collaboration with the CNRS to assess energy efficiency has been mooted.

It should be noted that the team will be working in pairs on the axes and that a further scoping meeting is planned.

On 04/01/2023, the WG Cyber4Tomorrow worked on :

  • Launch of the WG
  • Review of deliverables
  • Identification of work areas

It decided to :

  • Create a catalogue of inspiring actions for the ecosystem
  • Structure the catalogue around 3 axes and clarify the targets for each action

The issues of classification and the number of actions to be presented to ensure that the actions are easy to understand and operational have hatched.

It should be noted that a meeting with a specialist from the CNRS is planned on the subject of calculating digital CO2 emissions.

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