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Identify and implement innovative ways of raising awareness about cyber security

Category: Working Group Cycle: 3 Status: Ongoing

Start Date: 2022/09/15


This working group should become an incubator for innovation in cyber security awareness. It will need to draw on the best practices and feedback from the organisations participating in this WG to ensure the success of their Cybersecurity awareness-raising initiatives. It will also need to develop innovative initiatives and projects to change user behaviour through high-impact information, awareness-raising and training initiatives to make our sensitive assets more secure. This group also aims to have a systemic impact on raising awareness among the general public.

Main goals

Two sub-working groups are focusing on specific awareness-raising initiatives:

Raising awareness among the general public:

  • Society: creating awareness-raising campaigns in the mass media: social networks, TV, radio, urban billboards, etc.
  • Sharing information on awareness-raising initiatives implemented in organisations
  • Pooling resources to create a network for distributing awareness-raising materials and developing joint initiatives
  • Schools: set up awareness-raising initiatives in colleges and universities (all courses), high schools and middle schools (use the opportunity to introduce students to the professions).

Raising awareness among SMEs:

  • Managers and employees: create awareness-raising campaigns aimed at managers and employees of very small businesses.

Other awareness-raising initiatives may be considered in the future:

  • Raising awareness in organisations: developing joint actions
  • Design a "Cybersecurity Awareness" catalogue and/or service offering based on both best practice in organisations and new awareness-raising products/actions developed by the WG.
  • Raising customer awareness of fraud and cybersecurity: sharing the awareness-raising initiatives implemented in our organisations (infographics, e-learning, video, news, emailing, etc.), using the branch networks to implement awareness-raising initiatives (videos, posters, etc.).


A series of deliverables envisaged by the WG:

  • a map of the deployment of Cybersecurity awareness practices/tools
  • a Cybersecurity awareness/training catalogue and/or service offering
  • a Cybersecurity training/awareness-raising communication kit


Follow the progress of the working group in the logbook maintained in the community of interest CI Sensibilisation

Leaded by the community of interest

CI Sensibilisation (Identify and implement innovative ways of raising awareness about cyber security)


Cyber-Augmented Communication PlanThe Awareness WG has created the PCCA - Plan de Communication Cyber Augmenté - to massively disseminate cyber risk awareness messages.