Cyber crisis and training: doctrine

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Doctrine and method for cyber resilience and cyber crisis management.

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The aim of this workstream is to create operational and pragmatic doctrinal and methodological elements relating to cyber crisis management and, in particular, to clarify and operationalise the concept of cyber resilience. To this end, the deliverables will include the development of several operational crisis management kits (reflex sheets, method, kit, etc.) which will contribute - in line with existing documentation - to the emergence of a common vocabulary (glossary), the identification and description of operational crisis management and cyber resilience capabilities to deal with issues such as the Cloud or the supply chain, and the assessment of the level of maturity of entities (maturity index). Particular attention should also be paid to smaller organisations, and content should be made available to help higher education institutions develop their skills in these areas.


  • Reflex cards:
    • Definition of cyber resilience concepts and methodology
    • Fact sheet on supply chain issues
    • Reflex sheet on cloud issues
    • Fact sheet on communication and information sharing
    • Threshold and alert chain reflex sheet
    • Fact sheet on the role of CTI and Anticipation
    • Reflex sheet for the different functions within the crisis unit
  • Guide and kit for SMEs
  • Standard training for higher education institutions
  • Cyber BCP and DRP construction kit


Follow the progress of the working group through the logbook maintained in the CI Crise cyber et entraînement community of interest.

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CI Crise cyber et entraînement (Doctrine, methods and tools for managing cyber crises.)