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Developing the safety of drones and robots and their specific features

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Share best practices on securing drones and robots and their specific features Move towards interoperability of identities and authentication methods for drones and robots. Use drone cybersecurity as an example to positively influence IoT cybersecurity in general. Develop a reference framework for the development of a trusted European drone


  • Proposal of safety criteria for the "European Trusted Drone" label (Cf. DG MOVE Drone Strategy 2.0 Flagship Action 19)
  • Once the label criteria have been adopted by the European Commission, test methodology
  • White paper on trusted drones and robots
  • White paper on identity management and strong authentication for drones and robots


'Conclusion of the Initiation Phase

  • The community of interest will meet once every 2 Wednesdays from 9.30am to 11am.

Progress of the reflection phase

The community selected priority themes as well as associated work issues:

  • Protection of transmission transmitted information
- How to know the state of the art of defense and attack systems?
- How to know involved actors in drone and robot defense ?
  • Industry of the future regulations
  • Training and skills
- How can we anticipate the needs for cybersecurity skills in drones and robots?
- How to integrate skills related to drone cybersecurity into training?
  • Authentication
- How to certify the identity of operators?
- How to assess the level of safety and energy efficiency of drones?
  • Swarm Safety
- How to manage authentication in swarms?
- How to ensure friend-enemy drone tracking?

The community has identified the following topics and assigned them a lower priority

  • Jamming and anti-jamming techniques
  • Interception techniques
  • Security repository
  • Drone as a service